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Client & Reader Comments

Client & Reader Comments

"Be who you are, and say what you feel, for those who mind, don't matter and those who matter, don't mind."

"Neil, I hope you don't mind that I quoted you in my latest blog entry. You are right on target as usual. How receptive are DOSM and VP of Sales and Marketing to your message? I find many of them say, "We have a company doing that for us and we are happy with the results," when clearly they are missing opportunities."

Here's My Blog at

Neil Salerno, Hotel Marketing Coach, has done it again! His May 8, 2008 article on expertly details the case for promoting your website compared to merely having a site. He manages to convey subtle but ever so important nuances in easily understood terms. Here is an example:

"Having a web site and marketing on the Internet are two very different things."

Although Neil and I have never met I regard him as a friend and certainly an expert in the field of hotel marketing. We have spoken to each other on the phone and have exchanged emails. He is always professional and courteous. I look forward to the day we can sit down to a fine meal and discuss our areas of interest at length.

My thought processes and marketing philosophies are exactly the same as Neil's. In his article he states,

"You have to understand that your online competition is different from your offline competition. Online you are competing with all the hotels in your area that have an online presence; not just those hotels that match-up with your facilities and services."

Far too often a DOSM's view of the marketplace is too myopic; they only see their competition as the properties listed in the STR or Hotelligence reports. When it comes to your presence on the web, your competitive set may dramatically increase. You must outmaneuver them with the use of SEO to drive relevant traffic; strategic use of PPC; and develop an overall distribution/exposure strategy in order to gain valuable market share and revenue generation. Perhaps Neil sums it up best when he says:

"The bottom-line is that Internet Marketing ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, which includes site design, development, advertising, and sales. Internet marketing methods and strategies include a wide range of services such as: Search Engine Marketing, which includes SEO and pay-per-click advertising, display advertising, behavioral, e-mail, newsletter, and web press release marketing. "

 Steven Herron -

"Neil and the Hotel Marketing Coach team have provided exceptional analysis, programming and execution of our hotel's Internet marketing strategy.  The tactics they brought to the table have delivered measurable results, and they have certainly helped us to refine our approach to online marketing."

Michael Pitstick - Vice President/General Manager - Bellevue Hilton Hotel

"Hotel Marketing Coach has done a wonderful job at optimizing our presence in search engines like Google and Yahoo thus improving and increasing website traffic to our site."

Janice Dailey - Crowne Plaza Jacksonville

"Neil, thanks belongs to you for being forthright and right on. I am shocked more every day by the "junk" I read, a big thanks for being a respected spokesperson that remembers what the hotel business in really about PEOPLE not things."

David - DAVID R. EVANS & ASSOCIATES  "Advisors to the Global Hospitality Community"

"When my Hotel needed business, I searched the internet for help. I was new to the hotel business, but surely there must be someone out there who knew what he was doing. I found that person, Neil Salerno. He saved  my Hotel from from failure.

Thank you so much, Neil - from the bottom of my heart.
Bob Brilliant/Owner - Hibiscus Suites Inn

"Just wanted to say that I always wait eagerly for your articles and share them with all in my organisation. As a young revenue manager (I only have a few years experience in the exciting world of RM!) and having taken the role of introducing Revenue Management to COMO Hotels & Resorts and creating a strong revenue culture, I use your articles for inspiration and guidance."

Joyce Galvao - COMO Hotels and Resorts - London

"I just came across your article on ehotelier this morning (Are you an internet believer... If not, why not?), and I wanted to let you know that I think it's really great and that I like it a lot. With your permission I will try to include it again in our monthly newsletter that's going out to over 400 of our hotels."

Peter J. Winkler - Preferred Hotel Group


Hotel revenue management defined
evenue management involves the challenge of selling "the right rooms to the right customer at the right time for the right price," expert Neil Salerno writes. The concept was first developed by the airline industry to fill seats, and three essentials of the system are that there are fixed amounts of resources available for sale, that the resources are very perishable and that customers are willing to pay a different price for using the same resources.  Hospitality Net (2/20)

"I just want to say I love your articles.  I have worked as a Revenue Manager & Group Revenue Manager for a few years now and recently I have launched my own 3rd party website for the domestic market in Ireland.  I am sure I have made a lot of mistakes on the site but I am hoping to learn quickly.  I am finding CPC is not the Mecca it is made out to be and I need to get all kinds of traffic to my site and to make the site relevant."

"I will keep reading your articles and keep learning".

Pat O Neill -

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