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Thanks to many great publications around the World, I have had an opportunity to share my experience and  beliefs with my friends and industry peers. I hope you will take a few minutes to read one or more of my articles, now published in 24 countries. You may also find all my articles on the following hotel news publications:;;;;;  and many others.

Since we all learn through a process of sharing our feelings and thoughts, please feel free to share yours, whether or not you agree with mine.  

Recent Articles

Does Your Website Have Its Own CMS?

Why CMS Is a Poor Choice For Hotels

Every now and then, I come across an article which is so self-serving and outrageous that I just can’t resist giving an alternative viewpoint. It was titled “Does your website have its own CMS?” They were promoting the use of content management for hotel websites and encouraging hoteliers to make their own site changes and additions. It’s great to post articles for hoteliers, but to publish a covert ad in the guise of a news article, I find disingenuous. Well, here is what they didn’t tell you. 


Hotel Revenue Management is Now More Important Than Ever

I first introduced “Revenue Management for Dummies” in 2006. My goal was to break down some simple steps to improve hotel profitability by focusing on managing rates and inventory instead of centering on occupancy alone. I still feel that some ‘experts’ make revenue management more mysterious and complicated than it needs to be for most hotels. My mission is to eliminate the mystery.


Production Benchmarks for Your Hotel's Website

After performing literally hundreds of website analyses, it amazes me how many hotel websites are either totally or partially dysfunctional. There are so many sites which are not in-step with even basic search engine requirements; sites with poorly written text content; inadequate navigation; and sites which are not designed to sell rooms or anything else for that matter..  


Hotel Internet Marketing

The Next Best Thing in Hotel Marketing...A New Tool To Harvest Referral Business

I think many hoteliers understand how strongly I feel about the ability of travel social media like TripAdvisor to boost business for hotels. Travel social media sites consist of user-generated comments from the traveling community, which act as a guide to other travelers to use in the hotel selection process. 

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Hotel Revenue Management

Hotels Are Poised to Reboot & Refresh Their Rate Structures

I've read several articles lately which discuss rate building post recession. At least one of those articles, provided suggestions which are completely opposite of acceptable revenue management principles. So, before you blindly follow some of those suggestions, consider committing to revenue management. My sense is that there is still considerable confusion, among independent hotels and some sales advisors, about the actual implementation of RM.

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Marketing & Management

Hotel Sales Training That Excites, But Changes Little

Hotel sales training has been an important, yet somewhat controversial topic for many years. Everyone agrees that the potential benefits should make it a great investment. But, in too many cases, the results fall short of expectations. We often find that there is a huge gap between what people learn during the training and what they actually practice after training.


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