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It's Time For Hoteliers To Sharpen The Saw

In 1989, Stephan Covey published a book entitled "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". If you haven't read this book, I strongly suggest that you do. For me, it has made a significant impact on my life, both personally and professionally. Habit number seven, Sharpen The Saw, is one of my favorites


Smaller Independent Hotels Should Think "Big"

For many years, small independent hotels suffered from a tilted marketing playing field, which was dominated by their big budget competition. During the recession, they had to contend with larger franchised hotels, many of which had lowered rates, placing further sales pressure on smaller hotels.


3 Changes We Will See In Hotel Marketing In 2011

In the last two years, the economy  has taken a severe toll on our industry and its resources. In the resulting scramble to stay afloat, many hotels turned to every marketing and operational technique they could uncover. Some of those techniques helped, some didn't. Many hoteliers searched for that one unique tactic which would turn everything around; only to find that it doesn't exist.


Good Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen -But Success Or Failure Is In The Execution

Knowing that the hotel business is often sensitive to nickels and dimes, not just dollars, it really pains me to see people throw money away without thinking things through. So many people have the energy to generate ideas, but too few have enough energy to think them through.


New Technology is Cool, But Don't Forget Hotel Marketing Basics

There are certain basics which endure in spite of the advent of new technology. In this highly-competitive marketplace, new technology tends to capture everyone's attention, perhaps with the desperate hope to discover some magic panacea which will solve all our problems. When you find it, please let me know.


It Takes Attitude, More Than Economic Turnaround, For Hotels To Recover From The Recession

For many hotels, their recession has been over for quite some time now. These hoteliers realized that recovery from a bad economy is a matter of attitude, more than reality, and that it takes pro-activity to succeed in a bad economy.


A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Hotel Business

In the past few years, I've  written articles focused on the hotel business with the aim towards, hopefully, giving-back to an industry which I truly love and one which had provided me with a good income and a lifetime of memories. Looking back at a hotel career of more forty years, there were many learning moments, a few sad times, and many funny ones.  

Savvy Hoteliers To Steal A Bigger Share Of The Market

The economy will slowly improve in 2010, but just getting your fair share of business will not be nearly enough. Less business in the marketplace means your fair share is less, too. Hotels need a bigger piece of the smaller economic pie to dominate in the marketplace.


Hotel Management Strategies For Tough Times

In spite of these tough times, some hotels are doing better than others and a few hotels are actually doing quite well. This anomaly sparked my curiosity; was this solely a result of local market variations or could it be a result of better management aptitude in some hotels?


How Highly-Effective Hotel Managers Communicate

If someone were to ask me the most important quality of an effective hotel manager, it would be the ability to communicate clearly with hotel staff, superiors, peers, and guests. I believe that being a good communicator is an under-rated quality that needs to be emphasized in this new age of electronic communication.


5 Creative Steps Hotels Are Taking to Beat the Recession

The recession has stimulated many hoteliers to use some creative ways to drive sales. Their focal point is to create ways to capture sales in the most cost-effective means possible, with the quickest results possible. Let's face it, few hotels are flush with money right now. 


Travel is Changing, What Will Hotels Do to Catch-up?

The bursting of the economic bubble altered why and when people travel and has intensified the way they choose where to stay. But, fortunately, a few things haven't changed.


Hotel Management & Marketing in a Recession

Revenues are down, or flat at best, and you're now looking for ways to cut expenses. For some reason, this is where the minds of hoteliers turn from driving profit to basic survival. Having been there, I understand how difficult it is to operate a hotel in times like this.


In a Recession - Hotel Sales Basics Still Work

We live in a highly technical world; the Internet, blogs, webinars, PDA's ,and email; holy smokes, we sure are getting sophisticated. But, in the process, are we leaving the tried and true sales basics farther and further behind us?


Hoteliers, No Resolutions  It's Time to Take Action

Some people spend more time planning what they intend to do than actually doing them. It's time to act. Stop making New Year resolutions and just do it.


The Greatest Hotel People I have Never Met

June 2008 - Writing articles, as often as I do, has opened up a completely new world of communication for me. I truly value the wonderful feedback and encouraging comments, I have received, from the many great hoteliers that I have never met.


Soft Economy, Economic Downturn, and The R-Word

Well, here we go again; the economy is in a state of flux. Downturn, slowed economy, recession; all the dreaded words come back to us once again. However, before you hit that panic button, just remember that tough times require tough work by tough people.


The One Resolution Hoteliers Should Pledge in 2008

I love this time of year; a time of renewal; a new year with a fresh opportunity to celebrate the hotel world in 2008. The enthusiasm is infectious as we consider the many ideas we read, and make our resolutions with all the vigor we can muster.

Will the Real Hotel Sales Director, Please Stand Up? The General Manager’s Role in Hotel Sales   Wise sales directors welcome the leadership and involvement of the general manager in their sales effort.

Taming the Beast…What Hotel Managers Need to Know To Reduce Turnover                             Dale Carnegie once said “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion”.

Gobble-Up Your Competition: Start with the Basics, Add A Pinch of Research, And a Dash of Common-Sense                                                                                                                                      One of the best ways to measure the sales success of your hotel is to compare your hotel’s results with that of your competition.

Some People Welcome It, Some dread it...Many Effective Hotel People Thrive on Change          Truly effective people continually seek opportunities to improve their lot in business, and in life, through change.

Good Ideas are a Dime a Dozen…But, Success or Failure is in the Execution                            Knowing that the hotel business is often sensitive to nickels and dimes, not just dollars, it really pains me to see people throw money away without thinking things through.

The Best Hotel Sales Director I Ever Met  What Do The Good Ones Have in Common?

 Hotels delegate a wide variety of duties and responsibilities to the position of sales director.

You Just Gotta Love The Hotel Business!  In Spite of its Self-inflicted Roadblocks and Blunders
I really love this business, but lately it seems to be saturated with gamesmanship, innuendo, and unusual interpretation of data.

The Best Hotel General Manager I Ever Met
Management styles, experience, and talent are as varied as their numbers, but they all had something to offer if one paid attention.

When Times Get Tough...Get Tougher! Sell Harder Before You Cave-in on Rates

When times get tough, natural human tendency tempts hoteliers to reduce rates in order to drive more business.

Running Dry on Good Hotel Ideas? It's not What You Know - It's Who You Know
Is there a better way to think outside the corporate or hotel box than to consult with someone who resides outside it?

New Hotel Technology Surround Us; Yet Face-to-face Selling is Still Most Productive

Automated sales and catering systems have grown in popularity and are weaving their way into ever smaller independent and franchised hotels

Changing Your Rate Strategy to Improve Your ADR; Today's "Guaranteed Lowest Rate" on the Internet Now Viewed as the Hotel's Published Rack Rate
From the time when I was still a young hotel sales pup, the only rates published to the consumer were our highest rack rates.


Are You Being Out-Hustled By Your Competition? How to Dominate Your Hotel's Market Set
The hotel industry lost a lot more than just some room business in the years since 2001; we lost some of the many fundamentals which made us successful in the past.


Don't Compromise Your Goals in 2004; Five New Years Goals You Will Want To Keep

These are all good resolutions, but it’s also a perfect time to re-commit to exceeding those budget numbers you submitted a few months ago. 


Six 'Maxi’s' Guaranteed To Boost Hotel Sales

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms. As with good inventions, the best creative ideas come from necessity.


Hotel Budgets and Marketing Plans; Oh No, Is It That Time Again?

The common question is which comes first, the financial budget or the marketing plan


Before You Begin that Marketing Plan, Challenge Your Sales Team; Expect More and Get More

We would be hard-pressed to find a manager or hotel owner that is not lamenting over their current average rates as compared to what they were in 2000.


Is It Time For A Sales Tune-up? How Healthy Was Your Last Forecast?

When a professional golfer hits a slump in his game, he usually consults another professional to help determine the problem


If You Always Do What You Have Always Done.... You’ll Always Get What You Always Got! Hotelier’s Mantra... Thinking Outside The Box

It seems the hotelier’s mantra today is “think outside the box”. But, how do you break away from years of successful sales and marketing tactics into new and innovative ones?


Why Some Hoteliers Excel and Others Don't

For the past few years, the Internet has played a major role in hotel marketing and an increasing number of hotels are reaping the benefits by embracing the electronic media. This is good news for our industry. More than 60% of hotel revenues will be influenced by the Internet in 2007; that’s a ton of business.


Five Things Hoteliers Can Do Today to Improve Sales

First, stop thinking that lowering your rates will sell more rooms and increase room revenue. It may sell a few more rooms, but it rarely sells enough rooms to offset lowered rates. It’s simple economics; simply selling more rooms increases expenses, while even slightly higher rates increase profit. As occupancy demand increases, ADR should increase as well.


The Dollars & Sense of Hotel Marketing

It seems to me that many hoteliers are missing the proverbial “boat” when it comes to marketing their hotels on the Internet. We all know that the Internet presents many opportunities to produce business, so let’s put all those extravagant web statistics aside and look at the Internet with our god-given common-sense. 




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