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Coaching is The Key To Learning

Many people, including some sales trainers, believe that learning takes place in the training classroom. Donít believe it. The important task that takes place in the classroom is the introduction of new ideas which create interest in and peak curiosity for improving sales performance. Real learning, only begins after people leave the classroom and put the new ideas into actual practice.

Because of this, most of those great sales ideas, introduced during training, never get put into practice; never become a daily work habit. The fact is that more than 90% of the material covered during a training class is forgotten and/or put aside within 48 hours after the class ends. The training classroom is the perfect medium to discuss new ideas, but learning takes place only after the class ends.

HMC Provides The Stimulus To Learn

HMC provides both the needed stimulus to explore and practice new sales material and consistent correction and praise support until that material becomes a daily work habit. Once learned and put into practice, these habits will last a lifetime. 

Coaching/Mentoring Uses Electronic Tools

HMC uses Microsoft Live Meeting and Go-To-Meeting in its coaching/mentoring program. This allows for multiple meetings without the time-wasting and expense of personal travel. Sessions are generally limited to one hour time periods with planned time for practice and habit-building between sessions. In this way, participants have an opportunity to work new material into their daily routine.

HMC will develop programs which are specific to your needs, experience level, and individual interests.

Our most popular programs include: Revenue Management - Internet Marketing Techniques - Managing Third-Party Travel Aggregators - Website Management & Marketing - Rate and Inventory Management.

Call or Email:  HMC for a free Coaching Assessment.

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