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The One Resolution Hoteliers Should Pledge

By: Neil Salerno - Hotel Marketing Coach

I love this time of year; a time of renewal; a new year with a fresh opportunity to celebrate the hotel world in 2010. The enthusiasm is infectious as we consider the many ideas we read, and make our resolutions with all the vigor we can muster. 

Unfortunately, the usual result is that most, if not all, these great resolutions get lost in our hectic daily tasks and responsibilities. I donít know about you, but for me, making New Year resolutions often makes for great conversation at the office water cooler, but generally does little to create any real improvement in our lives or our work routine.

But, if you are committed to making a difference in 2008, consider the one resolution that can make a huge impact on your personal and business life. Resolve to commit yourself to Embrace Change in 2008. For many people, change is scary, risky, and uncomfortable. Fear of change inhibits creative thought and is the biggest obstacle to improvement, but, embrace it and you can achieve anything you want badly enough.

Now Iím not talking about the Obama or Hillary type change; nothing really changes in Washington. Embracing change is the process of reviewing every area of your hotelís sales operation with an eye towards improving even successful projects and procedures.

The Concept of Embracing Change

The prospect of stimulating improvement through change is exciting. Left alone, most things do not change; they stagnate and fade instead. Embracing change means creating positive change in everything you do..

Creating change in your own organization means taking the time and making the effort to re-examine the fundamental ways everything is done. Iím always surprised when people spend endless hours trying to resurrect failed sales techniques and programs, while at the same time, totally ignoring those which have been successful. This ďIf it ainít broke, donít break itĒ mentality becomes a huge barrier to big-time success.

Success comes from believing that everything can and should be improved; no matter how successful they may be. This principle drives most successful organizations. Embracing change in your life will drive you to new and exciting levels of success.

I love the old expression, ďIf you always do, what youíve always done; youíll always get, what you always gotĒ. Donít get caught-up in the comfort of the status quo and expect the results to improve. For those looking to make significant business improvements in í08, embracing change is an essential first step.

Creating change uncovers new opportunities, opens the gateway to huge rewards, and stimulates people to be more creative and successful in their jobs.

Successful techniques and programs need constant tweaking and improvement which can only be accomplished through change. Electronic marketing requires an open mind towards change. There have been a multitude of changes in electronic technology; just a few months of stagnancy and neglect could put your project behind the curve.

Successful programs and techniques donít happen by accident. Programs and techniques become successful because someone believes in them, nurtures the details of their implementation, and takes the time and effort to oversee their development until the greatest success is achieved. Embracing change and constantly seeking perfection in your successful programs can produce unprecedented success.

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