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Website Doctor Website Marketing Analysis


Is Your Website Performing As It Should?


Web Site Doctor will perform a detailed, page-by-page, analysis of your site, diagnose what has to be done to make your site perform as it should; and provide you with a complete prescription for making the improvements.


Your web site's design needs to perform two separate and distinct functions; comply with search engine requirements, so your site can be found, and, once found, conform to hotel sales techniques to drive online reservations.


According to a major on-site booking engine, with more than 1200 hotel clients, the average percentage of web site lookers to bookers is 3.48%. This means that, out of every 100 hotel site visitors, less than 4 will actually make a reservation! The primary job of your web site is to convert a higher number of visitors into reservations.


Any Efforts to Promote a Dysfunctional Web Site is a Waste of Money


It's important to understand how your sales message is being delivered, and that your site's content will determine your results. What your site says, and how it says it, is the most important part of your site. Content is king.


Content consists of how well your site's key words/phrases are incorporated into the text on each page of your site; how well your images are melded within each page; how well the primary sales principles of location, facilities, and activities are described on your site.


Converting your site from an ineffective one to a productive site simply requires a modest investment in the form of a web site analysis. This analysis provides a "prescription" of the web site elements which need to be added, changed, or improved. This prescription provides guidelines to enable your web master to improve your site or we can do it for you with a guaranteed return on your investment. We'll even credit our entire analysis fee, if we are selected to make the changes your site.


We will be pleased to provide you with a general marketing review of the home (landing) page of your site for free. Simply email us.


"What your site says, and how it says it,

is the most important part of your site"

"Content is king"


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